behind the scenes

Last Wednesday we did our normal thing; I pulled together a blog, she did some editing, we did some more website rearranging and we got to talking — wouldn’t it be awesome if we did a behind the scenes post on the blog? Coming into this, I didn’t know much of anything about photography, all I knew was that I loved blogging, and I thought it would be so cool for her clients to learn exactly what happens behind the scenes!
There’s so much that goes into capturing memories for people, you want them to be absolutely perfect because your photographs are something that they will have forever.  It all starts when a client gets in touch with Briana one way or another (usually by Facebook message or a text) and they discuss how they heard about Breakfree Photography, what exactly they are looking for in terms of sessions, and what packages are available. 

In the days leading up to the clients’ session, Briana makes sure to keep in touch with them, exchanging ideas and discussing potential location. The night before to the session, batteries are charged, memory cards are located, and equipment and props are packed up. I remember when she was on the hunt for a new camera lens because she wanted sharper, cleaner images but camera lenses can be on the super pricey side. When you run a photography business, however, top-of-the-line lenses are an absolute must. One of our managers at Chili’s found her a deal for the exact lens she wanted on eBay, and I know that she loves it, she was so excited to show it to me after it came in the mail!



Once the session itself is over, it’s time to begin the editing process, which is more than just some hours spent behind the computer, it literally begins the moment the session ends. Briana starts looking through the photos of the session in her car, mentally making note of the ones that she would like to keep as part of the gallery. Once she gets home from the session, the pictures are immediately uploaded onto her computer and she begins editing them through Photoshop.

Since briana and I started working together, I’ve been present for a few editing sessions and it’s such a fun, but exhausting process. 

when you are looking at a picture on a 27-inch imac, you start to notice little imperfections that you didn’t notice in real time or on the back of the a camera, and said imperfections must be corrected. for some pictures this takes a bit more work than others, but one thing that always happens is when briana finds a stunning picture with an imperfection, she does her best the correct the imperfection and make the picture even more beautiful. she puts up little sneak peeks on facebook of the most adorable moments, makes me a collage that will be apart of the blog, then uploads them to the client gallery. 

it’s such a long and rewarding journey, but it’s worth it to help people build lasting memories. 


Wednesdays have become the unofficial day for friend dates between briana and me. I usually come over her house in the late evening and we chat, eat, chase a few bunnies, and get a bit of work done. I’ve only been working with briana for about a month, but it seems like we have gotten quite a bit done; we’ve developed a schedule for her blog, I lend a hand with editing (by lend a hand, I mean I am a sounding board for her as she bounces ideas off of me), and we’ve re-done her website! In short, I sort of help her with her blog and website, and she helps me learn new skills that are sure to be super useful in LA (but let’s not talk about that… she’s sad I’m leaving and I’m going to miss her like crazy).

     briana usually arrives at the location early to scope out the area for perfect backdrops for the session. One of my favourite things about briana's pictures are the lush greens that she always includes — stunning view of trees, bushes, shrubs, and grass that complement her natural style so well, and make the photos looks breathtaking.  Once her clients arrive, briana will play with the children, chat with the couples, joke with the high school seniors — whatever is needed to help them feel more comfortable.

Take it from me, photo sessions can be a little awkward. You become so overly self aware; what you hair is doing, what your feet are doing, whether your smile is too big, or too small, how your clothes fit — you are your own biggest critic. I have no children of my own, but I can imagine how infants and children would act around a new person, and how embarrassed or self-conscious a parent would become if said child began to act up. But I can promise that briana has the patience of a saint, and just wants everyone to be content. 

cadie + steven

aloha breakfree-ers, michelle here! briana introduced me in the previous blog with those beautiful pictures she took of me. i am the world's worst model, and she is talented enough to make me look like i've been doing it my whole life. that's the thing about briana she is so insanely talented -- evidenced by these stunning engagement photos of cadie && steven.

briana knows both steven and cadie through school; high school and college respectively, and cadie won a contest ages ago to have photos taken by briana, and the pair of them agreed on bridals, but ended up doing engagement pictures after some discussion. but, only on one condition... if there could be some cows in the photoshoot! behold these beautiful photographs.


meet michelle,

well hello there!
this is likely one of the last blogs that i'll post. only because i have michelle, which as you can tell by the title, you're about to meet her! i met michelle a few months ago at work. she has been telling everyone who is pregnant, just had a baby, engaged, or mentions they need a photographer, about me! one day we were snap chatting - the way we communicate 98% of the time - and i mentioned blogging & how i want to do it but its so time consuming, & she mentioned that she loves to blog. she's going to school to be the public relations person for a big company, and so she's getting experience for that (on a small scale) with me! <3
anyways, in return, i did some photos of her! which really, is a plus for me too, because i get another beautiful human on my blog!
in short, michelle is wonderful, & y'all will probably love her just as much as i do! <3


mikulastik senior

ah, blogging. i have such a love hate relationship with blogging. i want to do it, soooo bad, but its so time consuming! i'm going to do my best, y'all!

i was talking to one of my coworkers, who happens to be my favorite, about blogging last night, & she said she would LOVE to help with my blog! that meansssss : more blogs for you!!


a couple of weeks ago, i met these two gorgeous twin seniors. i drove out to sherman, tx & we endured the humidity & had a fantastic senior session! it's so hard to choose favorites... but i didn't want to bore you with all of them!


collage 12.jpg