meet michelle,

well hello there!
this is likely one of the last blogs that i'll post. only because i have michelle, which as you can tell by the title, you're about to meet her! i met michelle a few months ago at work. she has been telling everyone who is pregnant, just had a baby, engaged, or mentions they need a photographer, about me! one day we were snap chatting - the way we communicate 98% of the time - and i mentioned blogging & how i want to do it but its so time consuming, & she mentioned that she loves to blog. she's going to school to be the public relations person for a big company, and so she's getting experience for that (on a small scale) with me! <3
anyways, in return, i did some photos of her! which really, is a plus for me too, because i get another beautiful human on my blog!
in short, michelle is wonderful, & y'all will probably love her just as much as i do! <3