baby brooklynn -- 21 days new

    see, i told you guys you wouldn’t be too long without a post, and here I am back two days later with another newborn session. this time, it’s of baby brooklynn. can i just start by saying i love the name brooklynn, it’s so edgy whilst still being feminine. and i just absolutely love her session, especially the multicolored blanket. i’m a big fan of the super girly, can we tell?

    baby brooklynn’s dad works at the ford dealership and wanted to incorporate the brand new mustang, and those pictures turned out absolutely adorable. briana was excited because she got to drive for about ten feet, which is clearly better than nothing. plus, it looks like baby got quite the nap of the hood of that shiny new car, which makes for a perfect newborn session!


baby warren -- 14 days new

    last one… at least for the night! we’ll be back to blogging super soon, i promise! we’ve already got a wedding, maternity, and family photographs, and the night just wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have any baby pictures — so behold baby warren!
    briana’s elementary school best friend is the mother of this handsome boy (who looks so snuggly after being a little fussy)! there is some true nostalgia between briana and taylor seeing as they grew up together and now they are both married and taylor has welcomed her first child. it’s such a long way from them swimming together in taylor’s backyard and getting their swimsuits mixed up!



meet michelle,

well hello there!
this is likely one of the last blogs that i'll post. only because i have michelle, which as you can tell by the title, you're about to meet her! i met michelle a few months ago at work. she has been telling everyone who is pregnant, just had a baby, engaged, or mentions they need a photographer, about me! one day we were snap chatting - the way we communicate 98% of the time - and i mentioned blogging & how i want to do it but its so time consuming, & she mentioned that she loves to blog. she's going to school to be the public relations person for a big company, and so she's getting experience for that (on a small scale) with me! <3
anyways, in return, i did some photos of her! which really, is a plus for me too, because i get another beautiful human on my blog!
in short, michelle is wonderful, & y'all will probably love her just as much as i do! <3


mikulastik senior

ah, blogging. i have such a love hate relationship with blogging. i want to do it, soooo bad, but its so time consuming! i'm going to do my best, y'all!

i was talking to one of my coworkers, who happens to be my favorite, about blogging last night, & she said she would LOVE to help with my blog! that meansssss : more blogs for you!!


a couple of weeks ago, i met these two gorgeous twin seniors. i drove out to sherman, tx & we endured the humidity & had a fantastic senior session! it's so hard to choose favorites... but i didn't want to bore you with all of them!


collage 12.jpg