baby boy

hello baby witten | lake regional hospital photographer

ah, brand new babies. my favorite. this little dude was just about 45 minutes old when I got to meet him! interested in birth photography but not sure you want me to be there? hello baby sessions are a great alternative! I still capture all of those brand new fresh details, after everyone & everything is cleaned up a little bit.

baby warren -- 14 days new

    last one… at least for the night! we’ll be back to blogging super soon, i promise! we’ve already got a wedding, maternity, and family photographs, and the night just wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have any baby pictures — so behold baby warren!
    briana’s elementary school best friend is the mother of this handsome boy (who looks so snuggly after being a little fussy)! there is some true nostalgia between briana and taylor seeing as they grew up together and now they are both married and taylor has welcomed her first child. it’s such a long way from them swimming together in taylor’s backyard and getting their swimsuits mixed up!