baylee -- senior

    and we’re going for a twofer tonight! we haven’t had senior pictures in awhile, and here we are with baylee! i was with briana when she was editing these pictures, and i thought they were absolutely stunning. i especially love the sunset in the background, and the tree line, and baylee’s lovely smile. seriously a stunning session that was worth the wait since her first session got rained out!

    my senior year (which was ten years ago might i add) was full of so much anxiousness, excitement, and uncertainty. it’s like knowing you’re on the edge of greatness, but being afraid you won’t achieve it. things turned out to be perfectly okay… a little bumpy… but perfectly okay, and i am sure things will be just the same for baylee. she can look back on these beautiful pictures and remember her senior year!



brittany -- senior

aloha breakfree-ers, it's me again — michelle!

i’ve got another blog here for you guys to showcase more of briana’s gorgeous work. brittany is a current senior at chisum high school and seriously one of the cutest humans in the world. when briana showed me these pictures, i literally exclaimed, “she’s adorable!” 

the shoot was apparently super windy, but they managed to get some good shots any which way. brittany and briana knew each other from cheer years ago, and hadn’t seen much of one another afterwards. thinking that brittany wouldn’t remember what she looked like, briana was slightly worried that brittany wouldn’t recognize her! needless to say that she did, and this beautiful session ensued. 

brittany seems like such a warm and genuine person and it shines through in these photos — enjoy!


mikulastik senior

ah, blogging. i have such a love hate relationship with blogging. i want to do it, soooo bad, but its so time consuming! i'm going to do my best, y'all!

i was talking to one of my coworkers, who happens to be my favorite, about blogging last night, & she said she would LOVE to help with my blog! that meansssss : more blogs for you!!


a couple of weeks ago, i met these two gorgeous twin seniors. i drove out to sherman, tx & we endured the humidity & had a fantastic senior session! it's so hard to choose favorites... but i didn't want to bore you with all of them!


collage 12.jpg