maddie + lee

    Hey everyone! Long time no blog! I went on a little vacation to California. Considering the big move out west is coming up faster than I can keep up with, I went out there for an extended weekend with a friend of mine to sightsee, look at some apartments, and get used to the neighborhoods. Considering I am the resident blogger for Briana, you all have been left without blogs. But fret not! I am back with another set of beautiful pictures from Briana.

    This time we’ve got gorgeous wedding pictures of Maddie and Lee. Briana and I both know Maddie — Briana used to work with her at her previous Chili’s, and Maddie has subbed in at the Chili’s we both work at currently. Maddie is such a fun-loving, smiley person, so I am sure she was absolutely easy to photograph! From what I hear, the DJ left early because he was only booked for an hour and plan B of Maddie playing music herself didn’t work out either because the speaker wasn’t loud enough! Still a fun and lovely wedding though!


cadie + steven

aloha breakfree-ers, michelle here! briana introduced me in the previous blog with those beautiful pictures she took of me. i am the world's worst model, and she is talented enough to make me look like i've been doing it my whole life. that's the thing about briana she is so insanely talented -- evidenced by these stunning engagement photos of cadie && steven.

briana knows both steven and cadie through school; high school and college respectively, and cadie won a contest ages ago to have photos taken by briana, and the pair of them agreed on bridals, but ended up doing engagement pictures after some discussion. but, only on one condition... if there could be some cows in the photoshoot! behold these beautiful photographs.