maddie + lee

    Hey everyone! Long time no blog! I went on a little vacation to California. Considering the big move out west is coming up faster than I can keep up with, I went out there for an extended weekend with a friend of mine to sightsee, look at some apartments, and get used to the neighborhoods. Considering I am the resident blogger for Briana, you all have been left without blogs. But fret not! I am back with another set of beautiful pictures from Briana.

    This time we’ve got gorgeous wedding pictures of Maddie and Lee. Briana and I both know Maddie — Briana used to work with her at her previous Chili’s, and Maddie has subbed in at the Chili’s we both work at currently. Maddie is such a fun-loving, smiley person, so I am sure she was absolutely easy to photograph! From what I hear, the DJ left early because he was only booked for an hour and plan B of Maddie playing music herself didn’t work out either because the speaker wasn’t loud enough! Still a fun and lovely wedding though!