birth story

nicolas {birth} dallas photographer

birth.. such a raw, beautiful thing.
i hadn't photographed a birth in 3 years.
but this was my godson, & nephew.
i COULDN'T say no.
besides, i had been wanting to get back into photographing births!
well, just so happened, he was born on mine & my husband's anniversary, too! so we got an extra special godson present :)

have a look at our special day!
ps, there are some funny moments in here, too!



at one point, they sent us out into the hallway, & big brother decided he was a ninja! HA!

& at 5:10pm delivery begins....

& at 5:22, they had a baby!


after jaivyn met his little brother, the first thing he did was play peek-a-boo... it was the sweetest!

& then after that, jaivyn told us that little brother could go to the babysitter now..  & then big brother got his first big job... butt pats!