newborns -- lake ozarks newborn photographer

oh how i've missed blogging. kind of. it's truly a love hate relationship. i love making collages, but it seems like i get caught up in life & forget, & then i've got 100 sessions to blog. LITERALLY.

so! as you know, i've relocated to lake ozarks, missouri. i'll still be coming to texas periodically -- don't worry, i'll announce dates when i do!

in the mean time, i'll be catching up on posting & blogging!

for your viewing pleasure -- some sweet, squishy baby girls from 2016!

anniston was such a sweet little lady -- when she was sleeping ;)
otherwise she was fairly feisty. haha!
but my goodness she is so cute! & the flowers outside matched these sets perfectly!
oh, & the green. i had to! her middle name is sage, so it was only fitting!<3


gosh she is perfect. she peed on her sister. but that's all a part of it! hahah!
that little smile.. i just love it!
AND she was such a cute bunny!
ANNND she had SO MUCH HAIR. <3