welcome to the studio!

it’s got everything we need for a session — other than the baby, of course! ;)


i’ve got a little bit of everything we could need for our session — everything from props to blankets, bonnets & tiebacks. just about any color or theme, I can put together some beatufiul sets!

what is a newborn session like?

full newborn sessions are 2-3 hours in which I style from my studio collection. you give me an idea of what you’re wanting, & I bring it to life! if you have something special you’d like for me to include just let me know ahead of time. during the session, I will do as much as I can, myself. I am going to do my best to soothe your baby without passing babe on to you, to lessen the stimulation. this also includes feedings. I encourage mommas to bring extra food in bottles, even breastfeeding mommas. I want this to be a time for you to relax & just enjoy the moment. as far as timing goes, we work on baby’s time — if baby isn’t ready, we don’t do it. I keep baby as safe as I absolutely can, & have been trained in newborn posing safety.


why & how do we make baby sleepy for photos?

first of all, awake newborns are not in control of their bodies. they are more likely to throw themselves around & hurt themselves. though, myself, or someone, is always within arms reach of the baby, having a sleepy baby is overall safer. so how do we do that? 1) plenty of food. babies are always extra hungry on picture day — I make them work! 2) babies love their momma. especially a breastfeeding momma. they can smell you & sometimes when you’re close by you are all they want. I have a cozy seating area with a tv, mini fridge & coffee bar for you to relax in, within feet of myself & your baby! i’ve got some toys to entertain big siblings, as well. 3) senses: hear, smell, & touch. I always have some sort of sound machine going in the background, an oil diffuser diffusing my favorite all natural calming/soothing oils, & I keep it fairly warm in the area in which i’m taking photos. all of these things together are part of how I make magic happen.